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This may be the most incredibly awesome Karaoke bar we’ve ever seen. Behold the wondrous themed rooms of The Highball, located in Austin, TX, adjacent to the Alamo Drafthouse South Lamar. The Highball just reopened after 18 months of extensive renovations, including seven outrageously themed karaoke rooms, including - yes - a Twin Peaks-themed room, created by Space Warp Design. The other rooms are Midnight Manor, The Inferno, Freaks, Joysticks, Truly Outrageous, and The 5th Dimensions. Each one features new song lists, state-of-the-art equipment and cocktail bottle services.

In addition to its uniquely themed karaoke rooms, The Highball features a full-service bar, dance floor, stage, lounge area and a formal outdoor patio. Even if you aren’t into karaoke this place feels like an awesome spectacle to behold.

Visit The Highball website for additional images and info.

[via io9]

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